Rose Rough – Sex I Like – It A Good 5 Or 6 – ExploitedCollegeGirls

Rose Rough - Sex I Like - It A Good 5 Or 6 - ExploitedCollegeGirls

Rose’s are red and violets are blue, and who likes their sex to include a good 5 or 6 rough slaps in bed? Well it’s today’s unassumingly shy and coy 23 year old exploit Rose of course who said she likes her sex really rough as Tyler Nixon and the gang probed our fresh as fuck newbie on the bed about her fantasies before the sexual festivities began. Well again this girl was a surprise in all the greatest of ways because although Rose looks like the goody too shoes smart and boring girl from chemistry class who has all the right answers.

She’s anything but that as this ‘sex starved’ wannabe playful masochist claims to fantasize about being suspended from a ceiling, and is a self-described “Definitely a penis leaning gay.” Yea, we love this girl. Well we love any girl that likes pussy and cock, but you wouldn’t know by looking at her that the waters run deep with this one as she craves to be submissive in the bedroom. She explained it this way. “I just make so many decisions every day that I just want someone else to make them for me in the bedroom.” You had us at, “I like sex really rough,” and you’ve come to the right place Rose because we can think of a lot of things to do with your holes, including using you like a little fuck doll whore today as Tyler gives you 11 earth shattering orgasms.

Hey, don’t shoot the messenger because those were her words she used as she confirmed to Tyler that she’s his dirty little whore while he face-fuckingly gagged our lovely (1:00:35). Well be careful what you ask for Rose because we do aim to please here and specialize in giving newbies what they don’t know they want; and Rose wanted it all. Toy play with the Magic Wand (15:35), for the first of the many orgasms she had today. Pussy and Ass Licking (17:55), which I think she enjoyed tremendously before Rocky used the toy on her as she gagged on Tyler’s cock (25:36). This was the first time two guys have ever done anything sexual to her at the same time and of course she had her 4th O of the day. Next it’s the big moment that she’s been dreaming about since she was 14, that’s taking a cock on camera for the first time ever, as Tyler parted the tender pink folds of her pussy lips in Doggy (28:55).

Next up it’s Reverse Cowgirl (36:16) and Side Spoon (39:10), which she had 2 more O’s in. Love that, but it doesn’t compare to Cowgirl (51:51) or Jockey Position (58:58), the hottest positions to fuck a girl in, in my opinion, which she confessed was her favorite position of the day before the big finale Missionary (1:04:29). We had to shuffle things around a little and make missionary the last position because it’s Tyler’s favorite and he usually wears out the girl’s pussies if we do it first.

Well, as you can see we went reaching deep into the old bag of ExCoGi tricks today for this one and I guess that about does it. There’s not a whole lot more to write about other than Rose took a facial (1:17:46) like a hungry baby bird waiting for its first meal and she doesn’t like cum and I have to admit this. It’s kind of hot to watch a girl take a load all over her face when they don’t really like it. It’s my favorite thing, so quit reading and go watch the solicited domination and total submission of Rose everyone and I hope you enjoy it. Rose most certainly did. Steve


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