Melanie – What A Hot 18 Year Old. 19 – ExploitedCollegeGirls

Melanie - What A Hot 18 Year Old. 19 - ExploitedCollegeGirls

“Melanie, what’s the oldest guy you’ve ever fucked?” was the question we asked almost right out of the gate and we were kind of surprised that forty-six was the answer, because other than the lack of judgment tattoos this hottie with a killer body was sporting, you are adorable girl. I mean fuck, look at those spectacular tits for an 18 year old, I mean 19 LOL that she explained just grew and developed a few months earlier. You see Tyler Nixon was so enamored with this cute freckled face newbie that throughout the sex he kept saying the wrong age, and don’t think that just because this girl’s young and adorable, minus the tats, that the sex was soft and all cuddly. Noooooo, this girl likes to be choked and have her hair pulled while you shove your fingers down her throat she explained with a giggle at (7:35) as we got to know her. She also clarified she likes it when her partners take control and are dominant with her…

Well don’t tempt Tyler with a good time because them words are horizontal dancing words and that’s exactly what he did after he made her Squirt for the first orgasm of the day at (10:33) from that absolutely spectacular and gorgeous little pussy. So gorgeous in fact that I wish I was the one and not Tyler flicking her clit with his tongue before she started to stroke his cock as he used the Magic Wand on her and finger fucked her some more to back to back Squirting orgasms at (13:53 & 15:24). This really got our little kitty cat’s engine purring and next it’s Face Fucking with Gagging at (17:21 & 19:09) and this kitty likes it rough. Meow, and this was also the time when Mr. Black Shirt took the liberty to insert a Butt Plug up her ass and used a glass dildo to DP her w/ Toys as Tyler Face Fucks her some more. Now I could give you a blow by blow of each position but it wouldn’t do this girl or the sex justice because the sex just picks up steam and exponentially gets more intense with each position for a total of 5 orgasms today. Trust me, this scene is hot and well worth your time with a very health punch of heat and passion that all great sex has. For instance at (47:50) the way Melanie looks up at Tyler with those piercingly blue eyes as he fucks her in lazy doggy is the stuff that wet dreams are made of. Again, if it weren’t for her tats this girl would be perfect jailbait material and I’d question if she were legal. Thank God she isn’t 15 will get you 25 though because she’s super sexual and willing to milk a stiff cock of its man seed, which she does so expertly by the way to Tyler because what happened next at (1:07:34) doesn’t happen very often. You see while Tyler fucked our cutie in Full Nelson position he unexpectedly pushes her off his cock and looks over at us in disbelief and mouths, “I’m going to cum,” with that oh so classic Tyler smile. Well being the professional he is and all, of course he was able to hold it long enough to force her head down and exploded with a huge load all over that unexpected and cute freckled face. Love it, and even though we weren’t 100% prepared for it we were able to capture it remarkable well, showing it in 3 different angles for your viewing pleasure. But more “adorable” was in store everyone because right after the fireworks, our cutie looks up at (1:08:44) with a face full of cum and giggles cutely then shows Tyler his painting skills and all is not lost and hopeless for you creampies lovers. You can still rejoice because that wasn’t it and Tyler was feeling very frisky today and wanted to fill our newbie immediately after and did just that at (1:11:53) for a second pop up her little tight slit. Epic, and that’s all she wrote folks! So until next weeks update I bid you all farewell. Steve

P.S. Other Notables worth mentioning was how Melanie looked so fucking fantastic in Jockey Position as she rode Tyler’s cock in cowgirl at (56:41) then reaches back to spread her perfectly shaped tan lined ass with her hands and her small button-shaped asshole winks at you. Makes me want to stick my tongue up it. Tootles!!!


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