GoGo FukMe – BAD Relatives – DevilsFilm

GoGo FukMe - BAD Relatives - DevilsFilm

Stanley Long is just finishing up with helping GoGo FukMe bring in the last of her things from storage. As GoGo leans over to start unpacking her new apartment, her juicy booty stuck up in the air, Stanley can’t help but to stare. Sure, she may be his stepmother’s sibling, but how can ANY man ignore an ass like THAT??He accidentally starts to give away his inner secrets as he compliments how much GoGo and his stepmother look alike. The air only becomes more charged as GoGo shares some of the wild stories from their past. As she does, she can see Stanley getting turned on, so she turns up the heat, teasingly asking if he’s ever thought about fucking his stepmom. Although Stanley tries to deny it, when GoGo palms him through his pants, willing to help him live out his naughty fantasy through her, he finally crumbles.

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